Thursday, August 15, 2013

Playing Hooky - Shadow of the Colossus Part 1

Growing up, I didn't play very many “artistic” games. The closest I came in my younger years was Earthbound, but many would just call it quirky. It wasn't until I played the follow-up to ICO, the critically acclaimed Shadow of the Colossus that I truly understood what it meant for a game to be considered art. As you may recall we've touched on games as art before in this brilliant post by Andrew about FF7. Many of you found it an interesting read and at the time of this post it remains the highest viewed content on the blog.

After various talks with Andrew about games with an artistic style and stir the emotions, I suggested he play Shadow of the Colossus to experience what I felt was a must-play, not just for the PS2 but for any generation. I decided to record these sessions so that I could not only get Andrew’s reactions to the game, but also so that you all could experience something that is truly brilliant, gorgeous, and something that I think every game should experience at least once. So please enjoy the first of many segments where Andrew and I play hooky with Shadow of the Colossus.


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